Practice Solutions

At Premier Dental Partners, we specialize in managing dental practices and organizations to deliver strategic solutions to optimize growth.  We have a team of dental professionals specializing in every field, from practice development, marketing and branding, employee relations, and even financial experts that will manage your books.

Practice Management

Management at Every Capacity

Let us assess your practice’s weaknesses and optimize growth.  Our management team is here to help you outline your vision and set SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time bound goals.  We organize, plan, execute, and direct your practice to achieve your personal and professional goals making the tough decisions for you.   We communicate the practice’s vision and ensure our solutions align with your practice’s vision.

Design & Marketing

Marketing—Our Secret to Success

Make your practice stand a part from the others and market with strategies that are cost effective, measurable, and different than what every practice is doing.  Premier Dental Partners develop marketing stratgeties that get your teams involved and excited to grow your practice.  Spend less and get more patients than you can handle.

Training & Development

Teams in Training

We recognize the teams drive the vision and you have our commitment that each team member will be developed, nurtured, and maintained to achieve practice and personal success. We define success by continuous growth and development that has no limits or boundaries. We offer one on one training with the absolute best practice development managers in the industry. With effective resources, learning material, and proper guidance, employees thrive.

Human Resources

Don’t Hire to Fire

Employees drive the practice’s vision to life.  Share with us your practice’s vision and allow us to recruit, hire, and train to fulfill your staffing needs.  Our human resource experts will also plan, direct, and coordinate your teams to stay compliant with office policies and the changing labor regulations.  Protect yourself and stay compliant with the help of our teams.

Accounting & Finances

Every Dollar Counts

Track every cent that comes in and out of your practice.  You can’t cut down costs if you don’t know what you are spending.  Hundreds of transactions occur daily in accounts payable and receivables making it difficult to monitor profitability and loss.  Let us reconcile your accounts to make sure you are collecting what you are producing, making payroll with sufficient funds, and creating systems to monitor embezzlement.   Our revenue experts will show you your true profitability.

Information Technology

Keep your Network Running

Your practice’s optimal growth will require a network and a team of support specialists to keep your office functioning. Our team of IT professionals will manage your technological needs with custom solutions for your office and staff.  We offer remote and onsite computer support, computer and hardware installations; data maintenance plans for software upgrades, implementation and training; on and offsite backup (Cloud network solutions) and disaster recovery options; data management and maintenance plans. Premier Dental Partners will also find you the best available business network solutions and telecom / data services in your area for your office needs.

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Premier Dental Partners is here to make your practice a success. We have teams dedicated to marketing, management and human resources. Contact us today for a free practice assessment.