The Life Cycle of
Your Dental Career

Premier Dental Partner's Inc. navigates you through the
9 stages of your dental career.

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New Graduate

The Real World

Are you prepared for the challenges entering the real world?  Ready to dive into your career and need the guidance?  Network with hundreds of the absolute best dental professionals that will offer mentorship and guidance in the early stages of your career.  Premier Dental Partners Inc. is redefining the standard of what dentistry is today and what it is moving toward in the future.

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Financial Debt

Fast Track to Debt Relief

We realize the investment of your time and money in your education leading to your career in dentistry has burdened you financially.  Let us help you attain financial freedom by offering loan repayment programs and financial solutions to achieve a balanced lifestyle.  Don’t allow your debt to define the life you set out to achieve when you made that initial decision to pursue your degree.  We know you didn’t set out for dentistry just for the money, but we do know money can prohibit your growth.

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Seeking Employment

We Are Hiring

In a field that is saturated, hundreds of dentists continue to graduate every year and are seeking a job in a highly competitive industry.  Don’t just settle for any job, or for the first thing that comes your way.  Look for the private practice setting that you will call your home.  When you join Premier Dental Partners you will be provided with long term stability, comprehensive benefits, and continuous support. We know that you will find your new journey with us to be rewarding, challenging, and meaningful.

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Achieve Work-Life Balance

Become a supported associate in one of our affiliated state of the art private practices, and you will train to be a leader in your industry while receiving support from our Premier Dental Partners management experts.  Without the day to day stresses of operations and the business, you can focus on clinical excellence.    Spend more time collaborating with our network of the absolute best clinicians in the world.   Continue your education while receiving the highest paying compensation of any dental organization.

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Be Your Own Boss

At Premier Dental Partners Inc. we want to encourage your growth.  Do you have aspirations of becoming an owner?   Becoming an owner often takes away from the balanced lifestyle you hope to maintain as an associate.  Through owner buy in opportunity with our affiliated Premier Dental Partner practices, you can receive all the advantages of being an owner while still maintaining that work life balance.  Let our management teams continue to relieve you of the administrative hassles of ownership.

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Building Your Practice

Taking it to the Next Level

Take your practice to the next level by proactively seeking the right teams with the best solutions to grow your practice.  Premier Dental Partner’s management includes a team of experts specializing in human resources, marketing, design, information technology, compliance, and operations.   Leave the operations to our team to help you optimize your practice’s potential.  Never wake up and worry about making payroll, or managing your books, or adequately staffing and training your teams.  Our dental professionals are not consultants, they are experts in the dental field who manage hands on and will execute our strategic growth plans from start to finish.

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Strength in Numbers

There are no boundaries on your aspirations.  As an existing dental practice owner, you’ve successfully opened one practice and feel you can emulate the same business model and open another.   Your practices will grow in numbers, but as an owner are only one person and can only be present in one practice at a time.  Work with multi practice owners so they can share their growth models and personal experiences in the acquisition of multiple practices.

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Transitioning Out

On Your Terms

Before you decide to transition out from your practice, consider transitioning out from the business of your practice.  We understand that every doctor looking to sell their practice strive for slightly different professional and personal goals, from wanting more time off to spend with their loved ones, or just exhausted from the day to day operations.  Finding the right buyer for the right seller will allow you to transition out on your terms.  Work as much or as little as you prefer, and pick and choose the procedures you enjoy doing, or simply walk away. When you decide to sell your practice, consult with our transition specialists and explore your options before you say goodbye.

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Retirement Planning

Retire Comfortably

Plan a comfortable transition as you are approaching the end of your professional career.  Early planning allows you that comfort.  See how you can transition out and achieve all of your financial goals through wealth management, allocation of assets, and tax savings to ultimately achieve all of your personal and professional goals.  Our team of financial experts will help you develop your portfolio to reflect your years of hard work.

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